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We are going on a cruise Dec 31st from Miami. The quick facts to book first and expanded details below.:

Quick fact to book :

Our travel professional is Charlene Hodge +1-800-259-5642 Ext.35914 email:

Carnival Ship Glory Miami Dec 31st.

7 day cruise to Grand Cayman, Honduras, Belize, Honduras, Cozumel, Mexico

To make Reservations or update things, you need to call or email

cut and paste if easier 

info to include :
Carnival Ship Glory Miami Dec 31st
Treehouse at Sea: the wedding group booking
Number in room _______ (1-4) If more than one room needed please indicate  Number of room: (__)
Type of Cabin (Choose one- type price is per person based on  availability the ship is 84% full price could be +/-)

  • inside $797.14 (___)

  • oceanview $957.14 (___)

  • balcony $1257.14  (___)

  • ( higher priced suites even if you wish) (___)

Name of passenger (s):
date of birth: 
American Airline advantage if you have. If not you can use my  # DNL2598

there is a $24.99 booking fee per room non refundable.
send Billing name and address on card and give cc number , exp date and cv code on back.

You can call in with this or ask her to call if you do not feel comfortable in an email.

Remember this includes room, transport, food, non alcohol drinks, entertainment, taxes and port fees. For the drinkiers in the group later you can add an all inclusive drink package ( definitely do this as it includes tips etc . Amazing how many Pina Colada you can have when they are inclusive.


If you are so excited you received an invite and can not wait to read our story here is the details:

Carnival Ship Glory Miami Dec 31st.

7 day cruise to Grand Cayman, Honduras, Belize, Honduras, Cozumel, Mexico

To make Reservations, you need to email or call.

Our travel professional is Charlene Hodge +1-800-259-5642 Ext.35914 email:

If only coming for the Bachellor party x2 and/or the wedding only and NOT the cruise let us know

So we have one hotel finally confirmed to offer a group rate. The problem we were having is that hotels have a black out wanting you to book for the whole weekend with NYE. 
This one is in Miami convenient to Get around to South Beach and the ship. It has a basic continental breakfast. The cost is 125 per night for 2 people 10 dollars more for added people. You will need to sign up for a room asap here is in information it should be listed as Treehouse of love pre-wedding code TREEHL 
please let me know if you book

We will also be running a shuttle to the ship early NYE morning.

 I would even suggest doubling up that night as it will be a short night with both simultaneous bachellor parties going on.
YOU MUST ARRIVE DEC 30th to be part of the VIP early morning boarding the next morning  DO NOT risk fliyng in the same morning as the cruise. (10 AM VIP )

****Strong recommend for trip insurance in case life happens it is very affordable please ask for it.****

 Rembember we know not all of you can make the cruise for various reasons. If not, you can be there in your thoughts or actually join us. Maybe we can set up a facebook live feed or skype .

Greater details 

  •  There are various promos available  at this point you will probably have to pay in full. I still suggest going through our person so she can set you in the group. if you book here or anywhere please let me know so I can ensure early boarding                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

  • Airfare is extra  You need to arrive in by at least Dec 30 as the boarding is early. You also do not want to miss our bachellor party x 2

  • Tips ( estimated at 92 USD ) excurisions or alcohol not included. ( you can get drink packages to save money as well )


Cost of the rooms on the ship

  • We are holding various room options there are inside cabins, outisde cabins and balcony rooms in our group plan

  • The cruise is one week long (7 days- Saturday the 31st until the 7th of January) the cost for the ship is a little bit over 100 dollars per person per day  assuming double occupancy. This includes taxes, port fees, room, meals, room service entertainment  etc just not alcohol ( but you can buy an alcohol unlimited package), massage/spa, gambling, or extra trips.

  • inside room $797.14USD per person, 937.14 for an outside room per person and 1257.14 USD per person for a balcony You can view the ship layout and choose the room number by going to the website  Carnival Glory -Treehouse at Sea prices subject to change before booking

  • some of the rooms can hold 3-4 people if you so choose  If you do this option it is a slight discont on 3rd and a bigger discount on the 4th which you could share the cost between all three. Personally I feel it would be tight with 4 adults 

  • If you are not sure who you are going to put in your room as of now you can just sign up one primary person for the room we can pair as well ( yes they will be cute)

  • We know for our Europeans this is going to add a bit more with airfare but that is also why we chose Miami. We also did not want you to fly to Chicago for a wedding and us leave for a honeymoon right after and you be stuck in Chicago in the winter. 

So now you are wondering where are we going to go...

7 Night Western Caribbean departing Dec 31st, 2016

Day   Port of Call                         Arrival       Deptarture

Day1 Miami Dec 31st,2016 (NYE)                 4 PM

           on board wedding event times

        VIP Boarding             10 AM 

        Wedding/Reception        1 PM

        bon voyage party           4 PM

        NYE Party                11:59  til        ?         

Day2 (Jan1/Sun)   At SEA ( recover from NYE)

Day3 (Jan2/Mon) Georgetown,Grand Cayman 7:30AM -330 PM  

Day4 (Jan3/Tue) Rotan Bay Islands, Honduras  10AM  -6PM

Day5 (Jan4/Wed) Belize city, Belize               8AM  -5PM

Day6 (Jan5/Thu) Cozumel, Mexico                 8AM  -5PM

Day7 (Jan6/Fri)      At Sea

Day8 (Jan7/Sat)       Miami -                                 8AM  

These are some great destinations if you want to snorkel, SCUBA or explore


Remember book early as the ship is filling up fast as it is New Years's Eve and 92% full