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We know it has been a long time in coming for this Marriage to finally happen. 

We would like to dedicate this day to all who have ever stayed at the Treehouse of Love .

The love you have given us has brought us closer together each year .

The big reason for this wedding being on a ship is so that we can bring you all with for our honeymoon.

We want to see all 12 years of the Treehouse together in one place so that you might all mingle and share the love.

Think of it as our Biggest Thanksgiving yet.

We have always envisioned that the treehouse is and ever will be a welcoming place where boys(girls moms and dads as well) gather from around the world to have fun times, drinks, laughs, sleepovers, and inspiring dinner conversations while making their dreams, love and passions a reality.

At the Treehouse sincereity, wit, intellect are always valued and of course, cute ears are a plus.

Thank you for  a lifetime of memories already and in advance for many more.

Again, thank you