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Couple's FAQ

Couple's Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Carnival Honeymoon Gift Registry?

Have enough "stuff"in your house? Want to take a longer or upgraded Carnival Honeymoon? The Carnival Honeymoon Registry allows you to register any part of your honeymoon or destination wedding online. Instead of receiving another crock pot or more pots & pans, you could enjoy a "drinks by the pool" or an exhilarating "shore excursion" as wedding gifts! This is not just a tacky "honeymoon fund" list you are actually registering for parts of your Carnival honeymoon and can enjoy your gift monies on your actual ship.
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How does this honeymoon registry work?

  1. Take five minutes to sign up and Register your honeymoon plans with our registry service, for free. You will select items and activities you'd like to experience on your honeymoon. Start Here
  2. Reveal your registry to friends and family, who will purchase gifts for your celebration!
  3. Receive your gifts. Details Here
  4. Enjoy your gifts and Remember your honeymoon forever!

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Why should we use the Carnival honeymoon registry?

Using the Carnival honeymoon gift registry allows you to pre-plan what you want to do on your honeymoon or at your destination wedding. Using the Carnival honeymoon registry is so much more personal than asking your guests outright for cash! Guests will choose something special that they would like to give you as a wedding gift. Unlike getting envelopes with checks in them at the wedding and leaving the next day for your honeymoon trip (not being able to take this money with you), the Carnival honeymoon gift registry allows you to know ahead of time what you will have available for extras or upgrades on your honeymoon or destination wedding. You can register early so you can get the word out. This will help to have gift money towards the initial costs of the honeymoon trip as many of our wedding couples do.
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When will I receive my gifts from my Carnival honeymoon registry?

It’s free to sign-up and register with this registry powered by Honeymoon Wishes. You will receive your gift funds via Carnival eGift Card.

Fund Request Method Delivery Time Fee
eGift Card Within 24 Hours (M-F) None

Carnival eGift Cards are non-refundable, non-transferable, do not expire, and may be used during another cruise at a different date.

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How much does it cost to use the Carnival wedding registry and wedding website?

For the couples signing up on the Carnival Honeymoon Registry it is completely FREE!

Unlike other registry sites, there are no hidden fees and we guarantee a spam-free experience. Anyone using a credit card to purchase a gift will be charged the commercial standard (currently 2.49%).
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How do we notify our guests about our Carnival honeymoon registry and wedding website?

We provide downloadable announcements for you, at no charge, to let your friends and family know about your Carnival honeymoon registry and wedding website. (Found under the link "Let Everyone Know") Your wedding party and family are great ways to help your guests learn about your registry. We can send out an email announcing your registry to your selected email list. Your Matron of Honor can include an announcement in the Wedding Shower invitations. Make sure your family knows how special this is to you, ask them if they would suggest the honeymoon registry when guests ask what to get you. Get everyone involved and remember that your guests really want to get you something you truly want and will remember forever.

The wedding website we give you is a great way for everyone to keep up to date on all the details about your wedding and lets them feel like they are a part of your special day. You can see a sample by clicking on the examples to the left under "Wedding Websites".
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What is a Wedding Website?

Approximately 80% of today's wedding couples create a wedding website to share stories of how they met, their engagement, details for the wedding day, travel arrangements, etc.

Learn more about your free wedding website tool here: Wedding Website
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What if some of my wedding guests aren't that computer friendly?

No problem! Our customer service representatives are always happy to help and will take orders for your wedding registry over the phone. It is part of the outstanding customer service that we offer and part of what makes us the premiere honeymoon registry. Our toll free phone number is found on every page of the honeymoon registry site.
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Where can I learn more about Carnival Gift Cards?

To learn more about Carnival Gift Cards please visit:
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How will I know how much to ask for?

When you set up your Carnival honeymoon registry, we give you a suggested gift amount for each tour or activity per person in that area. However, you are free to ask for whatever you would like. We recommend using varied denominations to accommodate all guests and checking with your travel professional or supplier for exact pricing. All prices vary by location, availability, and are subject to change without notice. You can break down the amounts any way you choose. For example, if an item is going to cost you $200.00, you may ask for "2 gifts of $100.00" or "4 gifts of $50.00," etc.

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How am I notified of a purchase from my Carnival honeymoon gift registry?

You receive an email notice to view your "Gift Announcement" that is filled out by the gift giver. Your guests can also choose to print out this customized gift announcement with a personal message and a photo of what they selected on your Carnival honeymoon registry to hand to you. You can log on to your account at anytime and go to "view gifts" to view your gift details, givers and the gift announcements. Guest can also post their gift announcement on your honeymoon registry under the "Well Wishes" section if they choose.
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When will my Carnival honeymoon registry be active? When will my Carnival honeymoon registry close?

Guests can view and give you a gift starting the first day you set up your Carnival honeymoon registry. Your Carnival honeymoon gift registry will remain active until you contact us at and let us know you would like it deleted.
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What if we don't know where we are going but want to use the Carnival honeymoon registry to start receiving gift money for the honeymoon trip or destination wedding?

If you have not booked your honeymoon trip or destination wedding yet and are not sure where you are going we suggest setting up as "Undecided" or "It's a Surprise!" You can always change this to the specific location for your honeymoon later. You can still list your wishes in a general way while you are planning.
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Can I use the Carnival honeymoon gift registry if I am not from the US?

Yes, absolutely! All amounts will remain listed in US$.
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Can I use this site for my Anniversary or a Vow Renewal?

Yes! We have many couples use this site for their Anniversary or Vow Renewal.
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Can I set this up for a wedding couple as a surprise?

Yes, you can set this up for someone else as a surprise. However, it is very important to notify our office of all the details. Please email specific details of your situation along with your contact information to
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Who manages this honeymoon registry site? Are you a secure company?

Honeymoon Wishes provides all support and software for Carnival's wedding and gift registry and have served wedding couples since 2003. We are also very proud to be the honeymoon registry chosen by world-renowned travel and leisure companies to provide their gift registry software. We have been selected as the honeymoon registry for over 40.000+ travel agents in the United States and Canada. We are tested every day for security by Go Daddy, are members of the San Diego Better Business Bureau and proudly bank only with Merrill Lynch. We have offices in the US and the UK to assist you. We are happy to speak with you if you have any questions.
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How do I make changes?

To make changes or learn how to manage your registry click here: How Does It Work
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