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We are using American Airlines Cruises for our travel plans.  Go to travel page for more details.

If you are so excited you received an invite and can not wait to read our story here is the details:

Carnival Ship Glory Miami Dec 31st.

7 day cruise to Grand Cayman, Honduras, Belize, Honduras, Cozumel, Mexico

To make Reservations, you need to email or call.

Our travel professional is Charlene Hodge +1-800-259-5642 Ext.35914 email:

If only coming for the Bachellor party x2 and/or the wedding only and NOT the cruise let us know

So we have one hotel finally confirmed to offer a group rate. The problem we were having is that hotels have a black out wanting you to book for the whole weekend with NYE. 
This one is in Miami convenient to Get around to South Beach and the ship. It has a basic continental breakfast. The cost is 125 per night for 2 people 10 dollars more for added people. You will need to sign up for a room asap here is in information it should be listed as Treehouse of love pre-wedding code TREEHL 
please let me know if you book

We will also be running a shuttle to the ship early NYE morning

THe Story:

One thing we have heard over and over in the last weeks is... Finally! 

Well it has been a long time in coming but the day will arrive.

December 31st, 2016 to be exact. 13 years  to the day after we originally started living under the same roof. 

We have been "Married" for years and it is time to have the celebration to resonate throughout the cosmos. 

We know that for some of you our choice in a partner is not what you would have envisioned or planned.

(We also know some secretly wish one of us chose you instead to be marrying) 

To be honest, we really did not plan it over 12 years ago either. Ben did tell his friends after we had met that Brian would be part of his life for a long time. Who would have guessed it would be something so dynamic and touching so many lives.

Brian said recently that he looks forward to waking up next to me even if I am traveling, that he is able to take comfort that I am always there. The best kinds of relationships are when others look at them wondering what holds them together. We take comfort in knowing that our relationship transcends understanding and the fruit of it is exponentially greater than we could evern think or imagine. 

Thank you for helping make us what we are today.


We are sure if you have been around the Treehouse long enough you would have heard the story of the tuning hearts.

It is said that hearts are like tuning forks. When one is resonating at a certain pitch that part of another of the same pitch will spontaneously resonate when near the first. That is my best guess of why we are together. Both of us resonate when we are near. In the same way we  are fortunate to have all of you in our lives that when you are around it is as if it is a great synphony or an EDM dance party with a disco ball.  We are looking forward to sharing our wedding day so you continue to be part of the music in our hearts.

The example of the love around us has inspired us over these 12 years that love is more than an emotion but is at times a decision . A decision that we made years ago to each other but now we want to make official before our friends, family, strangers and every being in the Universe.

We could do a wedding in Chicago and easily fill the largest of reception halls with all of the amazing people in our lives. We also thought of just doing somthing small at the courthouse and just get the formality over with.

If you have ever been to stay at the Treehouse or attended an event you know at the core of our event is fun. We have been to weddings where we found we were there because of obligation and tucked away at a table where people were obviously not having fun. We have had many ideas over the years of how would be pull off to make the memory last and ensure everyone have fun.

 Because we have so many friends from around the world, we decided to choose a location for the wedding that others could fly in and celebrate with us not for just a day but a week. We felt it would be terrible to have everyone gather here in Chicago and then us disappear on a honeymoon. We will not even discuss the variables relating to Chicago winters and weddings.

 One of our dreams has been to gather from the corners of the world people from every year of the Treehouse and see how you guys interact and create new friendships while strengthening existing ones. It will not quite be a secret society but we will be sure to have tshirts for you to wear after the wedding as a keepsake. We are fortunate to have all of you in our lives. It is now time for us to celebrate. Time to create a third treehouse.  This will be called Treehouse of Love- at Sea 


So if you have not figured it out by the travel theme  we have chosen a  destination wedding... a cruise to be exact.

December 31st, 2016 will start the 13th year that we have lived under the same roof. We decided that is a perfect day to have a wedding. It makes remembering the anniversary so much easier.  

  • We will gather on December 30th in Miami, Florida for our dual simultaneous Bachelor parties. 

  • On December 31st at noon we will gather on the Carnival Glory for our ceremony and reception. For those who can only sneak away for the weekend, you can join on the ship until we set sail at 4PM. For those who are able to sail  for the week with us, It will be one heck of a NYE party and week.  We will be going to Grand Cayman, Belize, Honduras, and Mexico. We felt this way various aspects of the treehouse tribe get to interconnect. You guys get to spend as much or little time as you want while exploring the world. Also, if this ship is like the midnight buffets of others, it will look like Thanksgiving dinner on steroids  It will be a true thanksgiving celebration having you all with us.

  • I know for some finances are an issue, others will be time or distance, No worries, we at least ask you get get there with your mind and celebrate.

  • If you want to add other friends or family to share in the cruise you are more than welcome. We have been the odd couple out at weddings and definitely do not want that for anyone. That is why they can come enjoy and relax. We all need a bit of fun in our life.

  • We have a group rate for rooms please refer to the other sections for travel details and how to book.  Ideally we will will have a core number committed early. All that is needed is a deposit and it can be as low as 25 USD if you have an American Airlines Frequent flier number if not sign up for one. First deadline is June 2nd. Next deposit due is Sept.

  •  We have over 6 months so hopefully you can get off work and your famiy understands.

  •  If you need to have us pair you with someone to share the cost of the room let us know.e are updating with more details over time but we need to rush and get the word out . 

I am pretty sure most of you have been to the Treehouse and know we really do not lack much. Brian would even prefer we had even less at times...

We really did not plan on putting a gift area up actually but we have had friends ask. As of now, we will only have this registry for things related to the ship.

We really would love you to come if at all possible. If you need help with a deposit let us know.  The good thing is everything is inclusive but cocktails and some shore excursions.

If you are only able to be with us in spririt  that is perfectly ok. Most of you already know how well we are connected and I am sure there will be a cosmic matter creating white hole (opposite of a black hole) created that will mark the occasion filled with your outpouring of  love.  We have already been asked to skype or Facebook live . Do remember that us having the Treehouse at sea event does not change our open invitation for you at the Treehouse II -the bird's nest in Chicago. We would still love you to be there here for thanksgiving.

Please send us your favourite memory of the Treehouse or us and we will share it with others during the week.