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Tyler and I first met at McDonald's. He was working there and I came in with a friend to eat and he brought our food to us. He had mentioned that he gave me an extra sauce and said I was hiding under my hoodie, lol. I was finally recoving from being real sick and it had been awhile since I had some food and I just was not wanting to talk. We met again later on at a convention of the high schools that tooks place at Humble High School. He was there representing Kingwood Park and we didn't get to be partners or sit near each other but we saw each other there. Then finally, we saw each other again when he was working at the movie theatre in Kingwood! I went with my mom and younger brother to see the first Captain America movie and there was Tyler, standing at the podium waiting to rip our tickets and he smiled at me and said I looked very nice. My mom laughed and so did I and a few days later Tyler sent me a Facebook friends request and that's how it started. He finally got the courage to ask for my number and asked me out on a first date to see Cars 2 and then we went to eat at Los Cucos and before entering the restaurant we shared our first kiss outside. What was cute and funny is he asked if he could kiss me instead of just going for it, lol! I knew he liked me because when we left the movie theatre he was holding my hand and he seemed nervous, lol!


I was working at McDonald's in Kingwood and two people walked in and one of them ordered a 10 piece mcnugget with two sweet and sour sauces. The person who ordered the nuggest was Daisy and I thought she was cute. I told my coworker that I would bring Daisy and her friend their food and I even put an extra sauce on there for Daisy. I walked over to her and her friend and said hi and teased Daisy about hiding under her hoodie and tried talking to her and...she blew me off! Lol! A few months went by and we ran into each other again at a school convention for the schools in Humble ISD. We didn't get to talk or be partners but I remember seeing her there. Then a few moments later I was working at the movie theatre on Northpark and here comes Daisy with her mom and little brother to see the first Captain America movie. She looked really nice and I complimented her by saying she looked nice infront of her mom and Daisy just blushed. I was really hoping to ask for her number when she came out of the theatre but I never saw her. A couple days went by and she friend requested me on Facebook and then commented on my page saying she saw Captain America and that she remembered me. We chatted on Facebook for a bit and she eventually gave me her number because I could tell she reallly wanted me to call her and I eventually asked her out. I took her to see Cars 2, which I absolutely HATED that movie. It was sooo boring but I wanted her to like me and I wanted to take her out. I had even gotten my 1997 Ford Taurus waxed before I picked her up lol. After the movie I could tell she wanted me to hold her hand so I did as we walked back to my awesome car, lol. We went to eat at Los Cucos afterwards and right there infront of the restaurant I could see it in her eyes she wanted me to kiss her so I did and she felt a little bit of electricity lol. And that's how it all began, she was hooked to me lol.