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We will be wed and sailing on the Carnival Vista. It’s a 7 day Caribbean Cruise leaving June 24, 2023; stopping in Montego Bay, Grand Caymen, and Cozumel

How to book your cruise

1.) In order for us to book the cruise as a group please call800-819-3902 ext. 83276 Speak to Haben and pay your deposit over the phone. Booking number is P66MM7


2.) Booking as a group allows us to have the same dinning room time at 8:15 p.m, seating next to each other, as well as rooms. 

3.) You can choose which ever room there are plenty rooms available as of now. Booking early saves you money.

4.) Pedro & I booked our cruise!! & payed our deposit. Ceremony & reception is official!! June 24, 2023

5.) Deposit for one person varies $50-$100. (This does NOT apply to those attending ONLY the wedding). Total price of cruise vacation must be payed in full by March 2023. I will post any reduced deposit deals in the Facebook group.