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Important Wedding day information: CHECK-IN


1.) ALL guest please be at the port by 10:00 A.M (DRESSED & READY) to begin the check in process. If you do NOT arrive on time you will have to find your own way on the ship! which may be complicated so arrive on time (PLEASE!)


2.) Check-in will commence at the designated Check-in area located in side the cruise terminal for the bride, groom and ALL guests (further details will be given closer to wedding day.)


3.)We will be granted priority boarding at approximately 11:30 am-12:30pm once the ship is cleared by U.S. customs. (So please be patient!)


4.) Guest who are cruising with us please bring birth certificate/passport & come dressed for the wedding. If time allows it you may have time to go to your stateroom however, the cabin may not be ready.


5.) Sailing guest are permitted to have one hand-carry on bag that must fit through the securtiy machine. Luggage NOT to exceed 24' w x 16"h All other bags must be checkd with the porters.


6.) Sailing guest: Please make sure that all ticket documents have been completed prior to arrival at the pier to expedite check-in and have proper boarding documents available. If you lose your way, any Carnival Cruise Lines staff member can direct you.


5.) Guest who are NOT crusing with us please bring state issued ID which you will leave with security in the terminal and will be given a pass to board the ship. You are welcome to  tour the ship until the ceremony time.