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You can search for a couple by entering in the bride or groom's first and / or last name to find their honeymoon registry.

If you need help finding a couple you can call us toll free for assistance at 800-801-3493.

Bettina Love and Zach DerozanBettina Love and Zach DerozanLas Vegas, NV
Kami Demetrulias and Howard Lee
Shannon Larkin and Michael CarrOdessa, MO
Wendi Balthrop and Robin LundinWendi Balthrop and Robin LundinSyracuse, UT
Jessica La France and Sean MooreWindsor, CA
Grace Lee and Adrian NguyenGrace Lee and Adrian NguyenSeattle, WA
Spencer Lindsey and Cecelia BarnesSpencer Lindsey and Cecelia Barnes
Jaye Poimboeuf and Gary LewisDallas, TX
Rachel Livingston and Iain WoodsideSavannah, GA
Jenna Long and Jay GuevaraJenna Long and Jay GuevaraTexas City, TX
johnette dowl and sars lars
widshnider Leblanc and jada ridges
Patricia Carley and Andrew Lane
Sharon Gomez and Tommy Lewis
Elizabeth Leach and Joshua Davidson
Brendan Wertman and Ciara LawsonBrendan Wertman and Ciara Lawson
Hannah Landers and Avery Nguyen
LaTraya Luke and L CHampton, Virginia
Jack Lubachowski and Tanya Nickelfort qu'appelle, saskatchewan
Brian Redlinger and Misty LaurindaBurien, WA
Courtney Lammes and David Wollschlager
Lizzy Letchworth and La'Donte Holder
Nadira Lucas and Troy Pettit
Tanner Martin and Tiffany LyonsTanner Martin and Tiffany LyonsLeesville, La
Camille Avila-Lunday and Chase LaheraSan Antonio, Tx
Gianna LoCoco and Nicholas Balzano
Rebecca Leary and Bill FinnertyRebecca Leary and Bill Finnerty
Tiffany Harvey and Gordon Labrum
Quansheeba Kennedy and Quentin Long
Dilane Lofton and Charles Knights
Jeffrey Lamparter and Michelle HornKnoxville, TN
Jonikki Lee and Christopher LeeRowlett, TX
Brittany Litman and Bryan Cluff
Shelby Leppard and Alex StameyShelby Leppard and Alex Stamey
Angela Wade and Matthew Lauria
jayde lefler and Justin Russell
Emily Timmons and Piercen LynchFlorence, Sc
Carla Hoskins and Damon LissCrossroads, TX
Nicole Lavoie and Shane Barberian
Jennifer Lucas and Wes MauldinNorwood, NC - North Carolina
Rachel Zurita and Tomas LucioRachel Zurita and Tomas LucioPASADENA, TX
Heather Leahr and Christopher McLaughlinHeather Leahr and Christopher McLaughlinWellston, Oklahoma
Misty Gilbert and Cody LegerLafayette, LA
Elizabeth LaCoss and James PutmanBartlesville, OK
Kristina Carroll and Dustin LoftinKristina Carroll and Dustin LoftinVilla Rica, Ga
Rianne Lupardus and Jeff Hofstetter
Bethany Bouzigard and Micheal Lapeyrouse
Sabrina Leaaetoa and Epeli Fiefia
Orane Lindo and Jami Pryce

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