Emily Rife & Andrew Pidgeon

Our Story

It started back in 2007, when Andrew and Emily decided to join an online dating site. They started emailing each other and talked for a couple months via email and telephone. Andrew and Emily decided to meet and set a date. Andrew made it to the parking lot of the restaurant first and waited for Emily who arrived soon after. Andrew waited for Emily to get out of her car first, probably debating on whether or not to make a quick getaway. Two years passed and Andrew decided to pop the question. Andrew found a ring and ordered it for overnight shipping, because he wanted to be home for when it was delivered. Three weeks passed and Andrew continued to check the tracking number he received for the ring, but it does not say that it has shipped. Emily got off of work for spring break and then all of a sudden Andrew gets a message that the ring was shipped, delivered and SIGNED FOR. Andrew rushed home to find the box sitting on the table; he grabbed it and ran outside after explaining to Emily that the box was something he had ordered for work. Later that night Emily was acting extremely fidgety and Andrew asked what was wrong. After a brief interrogation, Emily admitted to opening the box and discovering the ring only to later feel guilty and reseal the box. Emily said she was surprised by it and loved the ring and wore it around the house for a little bit before trying to hide her crime. Andrew replied to Emily’s story by saying “I take that as a yes” and gave her the ring. Now the excitement of planning a wedding began.