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Not a lot of people know, but I have been dealing with medical issues since I was seventeen and I never thought that I would find the love of my life have the opportunity to get married and go on a honeymoon. Ever since I met Joey I knew that I found someone I can confide in, and someone who loves me for who I am, flaws and all. He is a wonderful guy who is very supportive, kind, loving, and just an all around great guy. I could not ask for anyone better. We just mesh so well together, and we have amazing families who have helped us to be the best versions of ourselves. We love everyone so much and we are so grateful for this opportunity to unite both families and include eveyone on our adventure!


Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit our wedding website. Kate is a wonderful person and I am lucky to have found her. Before we became an item, I had given up on relationships and most people in general. She brought me back to reality and her family restored my faith in people. Kate is a crazy, funny, strange, and sometimes scary addition to my life. She is the love of my life. I am excited to be able to be able to call her my wife in February. I am also very excited to join our families together. We want to thank you all for joining in on the beginning of our adventure together.