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I was 28, divorced, and convinced there wasn’t a decent man on the face of the earth. Starting to date again after being settled down for so long wasn’t easy. Everything about it was different. I quickly learned you shouldn’t date someone you work with and meeting someone in a bar isn’t an option because people are crazy and try to kill you now days. So online dating it was. After few clicks i had a Bumble and a Tinder profile. Tinder proved to be...well....Tinder, so that quickly got deleted and I stuck with Bumble. I swiped right and dated around but nothing ever lasted long. I spent countless nights praying for God to send me the man I was suppose to be with. A man that would not only love me but loved him as well. Patience has never been my greatest quality but I knew that God was working in my life and who I was suppose to be with would come around when he thought I was ready. Fast forward to July 2018. I just so happened to come across a bumble profile, Matthew 38. My first thought of course was how cute he was but after I read his profile I could tell he was funny and I loved that. If you ask him he would say it was the picture of him with a dog and a baby that sold me but it was definitely his sense of humor. Needless to say i swiped right and it was a match. We messaged for a week or so on Bumble before I finally pulled the trigger and gave him my number. We texted all day everyday for a couple of weeks then he finally ask me on a date. Our first date was July 20th and I was a totally WRECK! I was so nervous! My Apple Watch even went off telling me i needed to slow my heart rate. Our first date was amazing! I laughed more that night than I had in months and I couldn’t help but keep noticing how handsome he was. I couldn’t wait to get home and tell my mom and best friend how awesome my date was. I was so excited but terrified at the same time. What if this turns out like all the rest of them? I didn’t know what was going to happen but it wasn’t something I was willing to give up. Our second date was about a week later. We went kayaking and he passed the best friend test. I honestly can’t tell you what happened after that but I haven’t spent a day without him since then. He is everything and so much more than I ever imagined wanting. I can’t wait to begin this adventure as Mr and Mrs and see what the crazy world has in store for us. I have found the one whom my soul loves and I am forever grateful for him!


If you ask those around me - most would probably tell you they gave up on me settling down, and even I thought I might become a 40 year old bachelor.  I’ve had my share of relationships and bumble dates - but nothing that inspired me to settle down.  And just when I was gonna take a break from dating, I stumbled across the profile of a cute nurse.  She was a great combination of cute, funny, country and fancy.

We instantly bonded over our love of 80s music, college football, and the hazards of online dating.  We’ve been inseparable since our first date, and I’m continually impressed by her ability to put up with my nerdy interests and her willingness to join in my random hobbies.

I look forward to all our future concerts, adventures, and bowling alleys. And bless our future chubby, nerdy children. 

Love you boo boo  - can’t wait for the next level