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Vince and I are both school teachers. In fact, we are teaching for the same elementary school this year. We are both transplants to Houston; my family is from California and his lives in Louisiana.

Vince took me to Kemah for my birthday on Sunday. We rode some rides, fed fish, and enjoyed looking at the gulf. Monday (my birthday), Vince had a number of classes sing to me throughout the day. That night he made me dinner--shrimp fried rice. As we were sitting to eat, he casually threw a couple of fortune cookies on the counter. After we finished eating, I grabbed a fortune and opened it up. It read, "Will you become my wife?" Vince pulled a ring box out of his pocket and said really sweet things...and I just stared blankly at him for a bit. He started giving me this odd look, and I realized I was still supposed to respond. Obviously, I said yes. :)

My maid of honor is my best friend, Hilary Duffy. My sister Mya is my other bridesmaid.

Vince's sons, Christopher and Charlie, are standing with him as his best men.

The ushers are my brothers Lorenzo and Romeo. The ring bearer is nephew Clark.  

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