The big day is will creep up before we know it and so will our amazing Honeymoon. We want to thank everyone ahead of time who will help, support, and celebrate this big step in both of our lives. We are very thankful for our wonrful freinds and family for guiding us and showing us the way through this wonderful journey called and life and for giving us the best guidance to what marriage is truly about! We hope that you love our Honeymoon registry page that was graciously provided by Carnival Cruise Line and we appreciate any gifts that are provided to us through them to make our Honeymoon as memmorible and special as possible. Again, Thank You!


Danielle and Ahmed

We met in Albert Farrs class in 2010 and Ahmed has been chasing me ever since (lol). Ever since July 4th, 2011 we have been making memmories and having the best times of our lives.i don't know what we would do without eachother. We are honestly eachothers bestfriend and always will be. Each of our families and friends have accepted each of us into there hearts graciously and we are thankful for that. We love eachother with all of our hearts and plan to make our life together the best it could ever be.

P.S. I love you