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Dolphin Swim Adventure

Dolphin Swim Adventure

We’ll experience quite a memorable adventure on our Carnival honeymoon in Costa Maya! Gliding through the crystal clear waters with friendly dolphins, admiring their beauty and grace, enjoying their playful antics and sharing a touch, a kiss and a splash or two!

$100.00 each

4 of 4 available.

Unique Ideas

Sole Delight Pedicure

Sole Delight Pedicure

The Carnival Fun Ships offer me a relaxing and lovely spa pedicure experience! While warmed aromatherapy oils nourish and condition my feet and nails, the silky smooth properties of milk and Exotic Frangipani Monoi Oil will lavishly heal my skin. The pedicure is a pure delight for both my soles and soul!

$80.00 each

2 of 2 available.

Couple's Massage

Couple's Massage

Together, we’ll experience the special indulgence of a romantic couple’s massage laying side-by-side being pampered by natural aromatic plant oils that hydrate our skin. The use of exotic oils applied with the massage combines the senses of smell and touch to ease both physical and mental tension, leaving us with an experience that is uplifting and balancing.

$50.00 each

6 of 6 available.

Deluxe Romance Package

Deluxe Romance Package

With your lovely wedding gift, we will cherish this day for the rest of our lives! Carnival Cruises’ Deluxe Romance Package offers us a beautifully decorated ceremony, my bridal bouquet and the groom’s boutonniere, a bottle of sparkling wine in the famous Carnival Champagne flutes, an open bar for one and half hours, hot and cold hors d’oeuvres, a two tiered wedding cake, an elegant ice carving and a professional photographer to capture the timeless moments we experience on our special day!

$20.00 each

1 of 1 available.

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