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Wedding Party

It took several years for these two love birds to actually meet in person. About three years ago Attiana and Paul were both on a dating site called OKCupid. They met and exchanged messages over the site for several months. Overtime Paul would want to meet in person but Attiana always had an excuse as to why it wasn't a good time. Paul was living with some roommates in a strange part of town and Attiana had just had a baby. Soon the fire that roared and drew them together would turn into a small flicker that wouldn't go out. Over the next year and a half the two would keep in contact through SnapChat. They would casually checkin on each other every couple of months or so and sometimes they would invite each other out but one of them was always unavailable. Finally around the new year of 2016 they would dive back in to getting to know each other. By this time Attiana was fully ready to date and Paul had found his rhythm in life and moved an hour away. Always a new milestone that stood in their way. However the two were determined this time to meet in person. After two weeks Attiana got in her car and drove an hour to meet Paul face to face. Now you can imagine after a year and a half of waiting there was some build up. Their first meeting was WEIRD. Paul cooked Attiana some lunch and they made very light conversation, so light that it almost blew away in the wind. They also attempted to watch some tv together but that was strange too. They chose to sit on a love seat together because it was the only seat that actually faced the tv. Attiana is as far on her side of the love seat as she can be being that she's a fond believer in personal boundaries. Paul on the other hand is not. He was sprawled out all over the love seat. Eventually after some time of very little words spoken her and there it was time for Paul to go to work. Attiana being unsure if she should leave before he got ready or leave at the same time decided to wait. By this point the boy brain is marking a victory for the first date while the girl brain is anxiously waiting for the right opportunity to leave an awkward situation. Finally the time comes for them to leave and go their separate ways. Attiana gets in her car with a sigh of relief to be out of a weird situation but dreading the hour long drive home while Paul heads off to work with a smile. People often say that a first date can be awkward but these two take the cake. Luckily Attiana and Paul decided to get lunch the next day in a neutral environment and the rest is history!