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We starting off by telling everyone how this love came about. We met 8 years ago, I was 17 and he was 19. I lived in NH and he lived in WV. Months before we met I became friends with his half brother that lives in NH, who would have thought that I would meet my soulmate soon after. Jonathan came to visit him and that is how this all began. Only two weeks of him visiting and our lives changed forever. We've had many up's and downs but we have become bestfriends through it all, I couldnt ask for anything better. After a long 6 or 7 years of distance and rough times we finally have made it to where we always wanted. I moved to WV and we bought a beautiful home that we will be moving into this winter. Its been 8 years of being inlove and we are finally getting married! :) 

Our wedding will be in June 2015 here in West Virginia. We will be having a reception in NH with family that are unable to make the trip here. We are very excited to finally say "I Do." 


Our honeymoon took awhile for us to figure out together. We couldnt agree what we wanted to do but Jonathan came up with a cruise, I was unsure at first but couldnt be happier or more excited for this amazing trip we will be taking together. We will be staying in Miami FL. for a day or two then taking off on the ship to 4 beautful islands. We have planned amazing activities to do together over our 8 day cruise. :) This will be my first ever cruise! 

Thank you to all the friends and family that contribute to our trip. We understand how hard it is for people to make it to our special day but we appreciate all the thought and support.